Bicycle Health and Tele911 Partner to Bring OUD Care to Emergency Patients

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bicycle Health, the leading provider of virtual opioid addiction treatment, and Tele911, a telemedicine company specializing in reducing medically unnecessary ambulance transports of stable 911 patients to hospital ERs, today announced a partnership to increase access to opioid use disorder care for patients in emergency situations. This partnership between the two organizations will ensure that patients experiencing health crises stemming from or in addition to opioid use disorder are directed to a suitable level of care for their needs.

As part of this collaboration, paramedics on scene with stable patients who call 911 and experience an opiate overdose or are experiencing symptoms of opioid use disorder, substance abuse, addiction, or have symptoms related to OUD will be evaluated by a Tele911 emergency physician, who will make an appropriate care decision depending on the patient's needs. A Tele911 Licensed Social Worker will refer the patient to Bicycle Health for continued support and care.

“Opioid use disorder impacts millions of Americans each year, yet 80% of them go without treatment,” said Ankit Gupta, CEO and founder of Bicycle Health. “Working closely with Tele911 will allow us to reach individuals struggling through emergency health crises, redirect their care, and welcome them to our evidence-backed virtual care model – ultimately putting them on the path to recovery.”

Onboarding patients in emergency situations through the partnership with Tele911 will ensure that even the most vulnerable populations can discover and access Bicycle Health, helping to close the treatment gap when they need it most. Bicycle Health’s care model combines telehealth visits, medication management, behavioral health support, and regular in-home diagnostics to create a sustainable option for long-term treatment and recovery from OUD. Compared to traditional in-person care, Bicycle Health’s model yields increased retention numbers, meaning 86% of insured patients are still in treatment after 30 days. “Many patients who call 911 can safely be treated in place, avoiding costly and medically unnecessary ambulance transports to crowded ERs. This innovative partnership with Bicycle Health will allow us to take that in-home treatment to the next level by allowing us to connect these stable, vulnerable patients to immediate care tailored to their specific needs, ultimately transforming the EMS system and improving OUD care,” said Dr. Marc Eckstein, CEO and co-founder of Tele911.

About Bicycle Health: Bicycle Heath is a remote-first digital health start-up that offers online Medication for Addiction Treatment (MAT) for individuals with Opioid Use Disorder. We offer an evidence-based clinical program focused on medication management, peer support, behavioral health treatment, and care coordination. For more information about Bicycle Health, visit

About Tele911: Tele911 is an innovative telehealth company specializing in transforming emergency care by partnering with local fire departments and EMS agencies to provide real-time telehealth consultations with emergency physicians to avoid unnecessary ambulance transports to crowded ERs and provide patient navigation and linkage to primary care and social services. For more information on Tele911, visit

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