Rigetti Expands QCS™ Availability to Microsoft’s Azure Quantum Platform

BERKELEY, Calif., Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rigetti Computing, Inc. ("Rigetti" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: RGTI), a pioneer in full-stack quantum-classical computing, today announces that it has launched Rigetti QCS in Public Preview on Microsoft’s Azure Quantum platform. Previously in Private Preview, all Azure Quantum users can now access Rigetti’s Aspen-M-2 80-qubit and Aspen-11 40-qubit superconducting quantum processors on demand to develop and run quantum applications.

Rigetti’s integration with Azure also supports a tight coupling with Quil, Rigetti’s native quantum programming language, and Quil-T, which allows for programming at the pulse level. This low-level access enables developers to experiment with novel techniques to increase performance and develop custom gate definitions. Rigetti QPUs in Public Preview also support popular quantum programming frameworks including Qiskit, Q#, Cirq, and Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR).

“Integrating with Azure Quantum is an exciting step in making our quantum computers widely accessible over the cloud. The Azure Quantum community will benefit from low latency networking and flexibility to enhance and optimize their quantum programs on our quantum systems,” says Eric Ostby, VP, Product at Rigetti. “With access to our processors through Microsoft’s public cloud, we’re enabling end users to advance their quantum computing journey with the goal of solving their most challenging problems.”

“With access to Rigetti’s QPUs over the cloud, all Azure Quantum end users can now pursue their quantum computing applications with the added benefit of our integrated software tools that make programming even easier,” says David Rivas, SVP, System and Services at Rigetti. “Joining Azure Quantum’s ecosystem will enable a new community of quantum practitioners to take the technology to new heights.”

Additionally, Rigetti is participating in the Azure Quantum Credit program, which provides first-time Azure Quantum users with $500 of credit to explore and experiment with Rigetti’s QPUs. The program is available to current and new Azure Quantum users, and the credits can be used to access any Rigetti QPU available on the platform. Users will also be able to select Rigetti QPUs as a quantum hardware option for the $10,000 Azure Quantum grant application.

“We’re excited to offer Rigetti’s Aspen-M-2 publicly for Azure Quantum end users,” says Krysta Svore, Microsoft’s Distinguished Engineer and Vice President of Quantum Software. “Pairing Rigetti’s integrated software tools with the tools and languages across Azure Quantum makes programming easier for the researchers and developers who rely on Azure Quantum as they work to take quantum computing forward. Aspen’s multi-chip technology gives them the ability to test the scaling of their algorithms on real hardware.”

About Rigetti

Rigetti is a pioneer in full-stack quantum computing. The Company has operated quantum computers over the cloud since 2017 and serves global enterprise, government, and research clients through its Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services platform. The Company’s proprietary quantum-classical infrastructure provides ultra-low latency integration with public and private clouds for high-performance practical quantum computing. Rigetti has developed the industry’s first multi-chip quantum processor for scalable quantum computing systems. The Company designs and manufactures its chips in-house at Fab-1, the industry’s first dedicated and integrated quantum device manufacturing facility. Rigetti’s holdings include a portfolio of more than 150 patents and pending applications. Rigetti was founded in 2013 by Chad Rigetti and today employs more than 180 people with offices in the United States, U.K. and Australia. Learn more at www.rigetti.com.

Brad Williams
Rigetti Computing, Inc.