Bicycle Health and Wellpath Team Up to Provide Opioid Use Disorder Treatment to Federal Bureau of Prisons

The leading virtual Opioid Use Disorder treatment provider will fill gaps in care for formerly incarcerated patients struggling with opioid addiction

BOSTON, Feb. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bicycle Health, the leading telehealth provider of integrated medical and behavioral health treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD), today announced it is teaming up with Wellpath, the premier provider of localized, compassionate care to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP). The collaboration will enable patients to access Bicycle Health’s evidence-based, life-saving clinical care model delivering virtual Medication for Opioid Use Disorder (MOUD) services to individuals living in the FBOP’s Residential Reentry Centers (RRC).

Medications like buprenorphine – an FDA-approved medication that limits painful opioid withdrawal symptoms, helps prevent overdose, and supports long-term recovery – have been widely successful at curbing opioid use. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has found that MOUD treatment regimens are significantly underutilized in criminal justice settings. The primary goal of this collaboration is to improve availability and clinically appropriate utilization of MOUD among this underserved patient population.

Bicycle Health’s virtual treatment model, which has shown patient retention rates that are appreciably higher and no-show rates that are significantly lower than in-person averages, will deliver life-saving clinical and behavioral care to a population in need. The collaboration between Bicycle Health and Wellpath will provide improved access to MOUD in RRCs across 42 states, with plans to expand. Bicycle Health and Wellpath plan to grow the service to meet the recovery needs of formerly incarcerated patients – to improve their health, the overall health of the community, and reduce recidivism.

Nearly one-in-five incarcerated people struggle with opioid use disorder, and unfortunately, opioid-related overdose is the leading cause of death for those released from jail or prison,” says Justin Guadagno, Chief Commercial Officer at Bicycle Health. “Our collaboration with Wellpath creates an entirely new, scalable approach to rehabilitation that will give people a fighting chance to achieve long-term recovery when they re-enter society.”

Bicycle Health’s virtual care model consists of a combination of telehealth visits, medication management, access to peer support groups and psychotherapy, and regular in-home diagnostics testing. The mission of Bicycle Health’s medical, behavioral health, and clinical support staff is to combat the many factors that make it difficult for patients to access MOUD treatment including social determinants of health (SDOH) – making the company an ideal provider to fill gaps in care for a uniquely vulnerable population.

“Telehealth is now well understood to be a widespread, highly effective treatment delivery option for patients with opioid use disorder, which is why we chose to work with Bicycle Health. In doing so, we’re able to overcome many of the obstacles that prevent formerly incarcerated people from getting the MOUD treatment they need,” says Thomas Pangburn, MD, Chief Clinical Officer at Wellpath. “This collaboration helps streamline the process for re-entry by providing evidence-based and convenient treatment options, which can make a real difference for those struggling with opioid addiction.”

About Bicycle Health
Bicycle Health is the leading telehealth provider of medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) in the United States, offering an evidence-based clinical care model that includes FDA-approved Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT), access to a highly-trained team of medical experts, therapy, a customized treatment plan, and peer support groups. Bicycle Health’s mission is to address the country’s number one public health crisis by helping to reduce stigmas associated with opioid addiction and providing access to affordable, convenient, and confidential tele-MOUD treatment for individuals in need. The company’s “whole person” approach to treatment encourages patients to focus on their life passions and goals, which has been shown to play a vital role in recovery. For more information, visit

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Wellpath is the premier provider of localized, high-quality, compassionate care to vulnerable patients in challenging clinical environments. Wellpath holds patients at the center of everything we do and promotes rigorous standards of care and innovation. With nearly 16,000 clinicians and professionals in 36 states across the U.S. and Australia, Wellpath provides medical and mental healthcare services for over 300,000 patients daily in nearly 600 facilities, including prisons, jails, state hospitals, forensic treatment, and civil commitment centers. Learn more at

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