Prizeout and Flatiron Gaming Partner to Launch Real Money Gaming Acquisition Channel

Flatiron Gaming’s network of gaming clients can use Prizeout as a new solution to reach millions of new customers.

NEW YORK, March 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prizeout Corp. (Prizeout), a first-in-class ad-tech company that turns cash withdrawals into growth solutions for brands, has partnered with Flatiron Gaming, the leading digital agency for real money gaming companies in the United States. The partnership offers real money gaming brands a new and innovative advertising channel to intelligently acquire and engage customers.

As part of the partnership, Flatiron Gaming's clients can now choose to be featured on the Prizeout marketplace. Their brand will be in front of millions of users with over $50 billion in available funds ready to spend. Users will be presented with promotional offers for digital gift cards for these gaming brands, providing them with bonus value to put toward future transactions on their favorite gaming sites.

The partnership serves as a risk-free way for gaming brands to acquire customers. Brands advertising on Prizeout do not pay for impressions. Rather, gaming brands will be able to set user acquisition goals and budgets and pay only when a Prizeout user has purchased their gift card. Gaming brands will also be able to create targeted campaigns that align with their marketing objectives - such as driving first-time deposits, encouraging repeat purchases, and more. Flatiron Gaming and Prizeout will assist these brands in the strategic planning and development of these revenue-driving efforts.

"Prizeout not only serves brands impressions to an engaged audience of new and existing users, but also drives real revenue through the gift card purchase,” said David Metz, Founder and CEO of Prizeout. “Prizeout is excited to deliver high-value customers to gaming brands that are targeted and bring valuable spending habits.”

Flatiron Gaming has managed over $350 million of in-house digital advertising budgets for industry leaders within the real gaming space. With this partnership, Flatiron Gaming will deliver more value to these clients and get them in front of an audience with money ready to spend.

"We are excited to work with Prizeout and combine our expertise to revolutionize how our clients look at customer acquisition and retention campaigns," said Ryan Faber, CEO of Flatiron Gaming. "Our partnership will create a powerful solution for the industry, and we look forward to delivering exceptional results for our clients."

About Prizeout:
Prizeout is an ad-tech company that works across the gaming, banking/credit union/neobank, crypto, gig economy, payroll & finance industries to turn cash withdrawals into a growth solution for e-commerce & retail businesses. Through exclusive partnerships, Prizeout offers users unprecedented access to bonus offers on popular and emerging brand favorites while providing them with a fast, secure, and curated experience. The company was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in New York City. For more information about Prizeout, please visit

About Flatiron Gaming:
Flatiron Gaming is the leading digital agency for US real money gaming. The company specializes in player acquisition, monetization, and retention and has managed more than $350 Million of in-house digital advertising budgets for industry leaders like FanDuel, Caesars Sportsbook & Casino, William Hill, and betPARX.

For more information on Prizeout, please contact:
Scott Robinson
VP of Marketing, Prizeout

For more information on Flatiron Gaming, please contact:
Ryan Faber
Founder & CEO, Flatiron Gaming