Wowza Makes Real-Time Streaming Even Easier to Deploy

Wowza Flowplayer is the first video player to support sub-second streaming

DENVER, Sept. 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wowza, a leader in live video and video-on-demand (VOD) streaming for over 6,000 businesses worldwide, is proud to announce its best-in-class video player, Wowza Flowplayer, will soon be the first video player to actively support real-time, sub-second latency streaming via WebRTC.

Wowza Flowplayer is the first of its kind to pre-integrate WebRTC real-time streaming for both industry standard WebRTC, as well as Wowza’s own Real Time Streaming offering that facilitates delivery of ultra-low latency streaming to up to a million viewers. Designed for non-technical creators and publishers of online streaming content, this enhancement will dramatically simplify playback, making deploying live video that relies on ultra-low latency faster and easier.

Ultra-low-latency streaming playback without the need for a developer makes interactive use cases and other real-time possibilities more accessible. Real-time streaming applications today include digital auctions, shoppable live streams, virtually augmented exercise streams, real-time health monitoring, and any other use for which interactivity or real-time delivery are key components.

“You don’t have to be a software engineer. You just start streaming,” says Robert Vacante, Director of Product Management at Wowza, “Whereas before you needed a specialized developer to prepare your otherwise straight-forward streaming solution for real-time delivery, you can now playback WebRTC in real-time at ultra-low latency with the click of a button. Nobody else offers that.”

Real-time and interactive streaming needs are on the rise, particularly among emerging industries. In a recent study the analyst firm Omdia predicted that games revenue will surpass pay TV by 2027, as more consumers turn to interactive entertainment. Similarly, Grandview Research notes that by 2030, the virtual reality (VR) market will grow nearly 30%. Both of these technologies specifically rely on real-time delivery to keep up with user interactions.

With its reputation for live streaming, Wowza has been a leader in real-time and interactive online streaming. Wowza’s Real-Time Streaming at Scale solution, a WebRTC-based technology that combines the speed of WebRTC with Wowza’s CDN-enabled Wowza Video platform, makes this sort of streaming scalable to a million viewers. Customers of Wowza’s Real-time Streaming product today, including Carbyne, a live streaming 911 application, and AngelEye, a company that provides real time monitoring and interactive streaming for neonatal units, recognize the unique practical value of ultra-low latency for their needs.

Wowza’s most recent enhancement goes a step further and fully integrates this technology with Wowza Flowplayer, which enables sub-second latency live streaming to be embedded into an online web page without the need for a specialized web developer. With just a click, anyone can stream in real-time with Wowza’s end-to-end Real-Time Streaming at Scale regardless of their technical prowess. WebRTC supported Wowza Flowplayer is currently available for Wowza Video customers. For questions regarding this and other updates to Wowza Flowplayer, visit them at IBC 2023 and chat with an expert.

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