Lantronix IoT Solution Enables Digital Retail Shelf Signage Solution for HY-LINE Group

Chain-Wide Implementation and Management of Digital Signage for Customer Engagement and Capture of Buying Behaviors

IRVINE, Calif., June 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lantronix Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX), a global leader of compute and connectivity IoT solutions, today announced that it has published its case study on HY-LINE Group’s Smart Shelf, an easy-to-deploy digital retail shelf signage solution that delivers customer engagement and buying behavior analytics. Utilizing Lantronix’s E210 Series Router (E214) with IoT SIM Connectivity Services and Lantronix’s Percepxion™ Cloud IoT Edge Solutions platform, this solution is securely and centrally managed for global deployment.

“Lantronix’s proven IoT solutions enabled HY-LINE Group to create a digital retail signage solution that combines the best of online and in-person shopping while giving retail chains the ability to capture insightful analytics on customer behaviors,” said Mathi Gurusamy, chief strategy officer for Lantronix. “IoT Solutions in the retail industry provide additional opportunities to showcase our solutions in this growing market.”

According to Berg Insight, the retail industry is one of the top vertical markets for IoT devices. Global shipments of IoT devices in the retail sector are projected to grow at a CAGR of 10 percent over the next three years, reaching 19 million units in 2027. Lantronix's innovative gateways and software are designed to target this market, supporting these growth trends through plug & play connectivity services and the Percepxion IoT Edge Solutions Platform.

New Case Study: Retail and Digital Signage

Utilizing Lantronix’s IoT solutions, including its E210 Series Router (E214) with IoT SIM Connectivity Services and Percepxion Cloud IoT Edge Solutions platform, HY-LINE developed its interactive point-of-sale Smart Shelf Display solution. Combining the best of online and in-person retail shopping, the Smart Shelf engages customers and captures buying behaviors while delivering analytics to generate increased sales and revenue growth.

Success Highlights:

  • Facilitates the plug & play installation across multiple retail stores globally
  • Delivers secure connectivity with network connection via LAN, WLAN or store-independent with cellular IoT SIM connectivity as an integrated data package
  • Enables “National Seamless Roaming,” which automatically selects the best connection across all available cellular networks
  • Enables scalable cloud management across the store chain, regionally, nationally or globally
  • Engages customers with simple-to-update interactive promotions and sales
  • Captures data with sensors, delivering analytical insights on customer purchasing behaviors
  • Enables live updates for promotions or price changes
  • Provides remote management via the Percepxion IoT Edge Solutions Platform

Solution: Lantronix Routers, Connectivity Services and Percepxion Platform

Utilizing Lantronix products and services enabled HY-LINE to build connectivity into the Smart Shelf Solution, providing an easy way for retailers to deploy and manage Smart Shelves across their stores, regionally, nationally or globally. Since the Smart Shelf comes pre-configured with the interactive display and router, to get started, retailers just plug it into a power outlet and connect it to the network. From there, it automatically connects to Cloud IoT management, where Percepxion provides chain-wide remote management of the connectivity.

For more information and to read the use case, please visit Lantronix’s HY-LINE Smart Shelf Digital and Retail Signage case study here.

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