Following Landmark $2.35 Million Georgia Jury Verdict Against “Dangerously Defective Gun” Maker, Law Firm Prepares to File More Defective Product Claims Against Sig Sauer

Saltz Mongeluzzi Bendesky assails company "post-verdict bashing" of wounded P320 owner

PHILADELPHIA, June 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Attorneys at Saltz Mongeluzzi Bendesky are planning to file more claims this week on behalf of wounded Sig Sauer P320 gun owners following last week’s landmark $2.35 million Federal jury award to their Georgia client who was shot by his holstered P320 pistol without ever touching the trigger. The legal team and their client are disappointed the global gun manufacturer continues to bash the victim of its defective product and disregard the evidence relied upon by the jury in the unanimous verdict against Sig Sauer on all counts.

“Sig lost the case and vowed to appeal,” said lead plaintiff’s attorney Robert W. Zimmerman. “But why are they re-victimizing the plaintiff/victim, Robert Lang (the case is Lang v. Sig Sauer, 1:21-cv-04196, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia), their own customer, after a Federal jury delivered this unanimous verdict against the company after more than seven hours of deliberations over two days? Sig Sauer and its defectively-designed, unsafe P320 was on trial before that jury and they both lost. Instead of assailing Mr. Lang’s testimony, Sig Sauer instead could be doing what is right for customers — including law enforcement and private citizens — and recall the gun and fix it so the rash of uncommanded P320 firings and serious gunshot injuries can finally end.”


Ryan Hurd, Mr. Zimmerman’s co-counsel in the case, said the firm plans to file additional cases later this week against the New Hampshire-based corporation. “We are honored to represent Mr. Lang — and the dozens of other P320 clients/victims across the country. Mr. Lang’s nearly half-day of testimony was clear and convincing. It is offensive that Sig is trying to portray him as untruthful instead of expressing compassion for one of its many wounded customers; the jury’s $2.35 million verdict is resounding.”

The Firm has filed, to date, more than 60 similar cases against Sig Sauer, with dozens more awaiting filing. In each case they assert that Sig Sauer manufactures the only pre-cocked pistols on the market that are not equipped with any form of external safety for the protection of the owner and bystanders. The P320 has been the subject of controversy, litigation, and media scrutiny for years. Last April it was featured in a joint investigation by The Washington Post and The Trace, joining other national investigative reports.

Attorney Matthew Bonham from Protentis Law served as local plaintiff’s counsel in the Georgia litigation and was an active participant in the trial.

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