Gladly’s Self Service Gives Consumers More Choice for Radically Personal Customer Service

A win-win for brands and their buyers, 64% of customers successfully self serve

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gladly, the company that makes customer service Radically Personal, today introduced Self Service to its platform, giving customers more choice in how they engage with their favorite brands. According to research from Harvard Business Review, customers want to help themselves — 81% of them attempt to take care of matters before reaching out to a live representative. Gladly’s Self Service gives customers the freedom to self serve with the benefit of localized, context based answers specific to their current behavior and shopping history.

Self Service is built into Gladly’s customer service platform, which puts people at the center of a lifelong conversation and gives agents visibility into a customer’s communication and order history. The product provides a rich variety of information to customers, all delivered by Gladly’s Self Service chat widget, called Sidekick. Those answers include:

  • Answers in Context – Self Service gives customers answers to common questions based on context from their current behavior, which provides the most accurate, of-the-moment information to busy customers. If a customer is checking out online, for instance, they can receive answers specific to payment questions through Sidekick.
  • Personalized Answers – Self Service can also personalize the information it provides customers to ensure they continue to receive Radically Personal service. If a customer is dialing into a company’s IVR, Gladly can serve answers to personal questions — like loyalty points balance or upcoming flight information — directly to the customer.
  • Multi-Language Answers – Brands can localize their public FAQs from one central knowledge base across different languages with Self Service, allowing brands to manage multiple types of content in different countries where language and specific instructions may change.

Self Service gives customers the tools to find answers on their own, without waiting for an agent or spending time hunting down information. For all customers that interact with Self Service through Sidekick, 64% never proceed to starting a chat, indicating that Self Service was able to answer pertinent questions accurately.

For brands, Gladly’s Self Service provides benefits that keep customers engaged and agents productive. According to Forrester, 66% of U.S. online adults say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer experience. The reality is, customers want to self serve — and brands that give customers what they want will drive lifelong relationships based on trust. And when agents are better informed, they’re able to serve customers faster and happier. Gladly arms agents with the context, history, and details they need to assist customers — so they can pick up conversations seamlessly without missing a beat if a customer needs extra help.

“There’s a common misconception about Self Service — that it’s meant to deflect customers from talking to agents,” said Joseph Ansanelli, CEO and co-founder of Gladly. “It’s not about deflection. Self Service gives customers choice and answers at their fingertips for the most Radically Personal customer service possible — and they love it.”

About Gladly
Gladly is the only platform making customer service Radically Personal by allowing agents to communicate with customers seamlessly across channels. Gladly centers customer service around the person, not a case or ticket number, giving agents full visibility of customers in a single view. With Gladly, the world’s most innovative consumer companies like JetBlue, JOANN, and TUMI develop lifelong customer relationships, not one-off experiences. Based in San Francisco, Gladly was founded in 2014 and is privately backed by industry leaders including Greylock, GGV Capital, NEA, and JetBlue Ventures.

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