DecisionLink’s Turnkey Value Management Program Provides Early Stage Growth Companies with Affordable, Scalable Path to Value Management

Leader in Value Management makes full suite of powerful tools and add-ons available for businesses with less than 1,500 employees seeking robust Value Management practice

ATLANTA, Aug. 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Modern enterprises rely on robust, cloud-based value-selling and Value Management platforms to accelerate business performance, but these are often too expensive for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to adopt. Today, Value Management pioneer DecisionLink unveiled its Turnkey Value Management (TVM) Program. The TVM Program delivers all of the powerful value tools and integrations of the award-winning ValueCloud® platform along with bundled on-boarding, modeling, training and mentoring services for businesses with less than 1,500 employees.

Eighty-eight percent of business leaders say Value Management is a top five strategic priority, but early stage businesses cannot make the same massive investment in Value Management being made by large, global brands,” said DecisionLink CEO Jim Berryhill. “Our new Turnkey Value Management Program is an effective crawl, walk, run strategy for deploying Value Management in a way that matches a company’s growth stage and supports faster expansion. And DecisionLink guarantees the results.”

With DecisionLink’s TVM Program, SMBs now have an affordable, scalable path to activating Value Management across their entire business, including marketing, sales and customer success. Traditionally, companies hire expensive value consultants that take time to on-board, can support only a limited number of deals at any given time, and eventually leave the company, taking with them a significant amount of tribal knowledge.

“I get asked all the time what the key is to scaling a company to achieve hyper growth. The answer is selling Value. The challenge is doing it at scale cost effectively,” explained Joe Sexton, former President of Worldwide Field Operations at AppDynamics. “DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® is a game changer for any company seeking rapid expansion. For half the cost of a value consultant, the new TVM Program is an opportunity for businesses on a path to fast growth but with a limited budget to leapfrog the competition by embracing Value Management in an economical and scalable way.”

The TVM Program subscription provides access to the entire suite of powerful DecisionLink Value Management tools, including its Web Value Calculator and Gainsight customer success integration. It gives smaller businesses the same business benefits as a large enterprise – revenue growth, reduced churn, increased customer satisfaction, and more – but for less than half the cost of a value consultant and with an ability to immediately scale ten times greater.

"I've deployed ValueCloud® at three prior companies and witnessed the significant, measurable results firsthand,” said former Senior Vice President and General Manager at Verint, Jonathan Lerner. “The TVM Program is a logical next evolution of the platform and an enormous advantage for companies that are just beginning their value journey, or companies that don't have the resources for a large, dedicated value team.”

Immediate Product Availability

DecisionLink’s Turnkey Value Management Program is immediately available in three pricing tiers along with a number of add-on products and integrations. Companies with up to 1,500 employees can purchase annual subscriptions that support an unlimited amount of business cases per year.

Bundled in the TVM Program are initial on-boarding services, a training and mentoring certification program, and optional sales playbook customization. Companies using the TVM Program can achieve robust Value Management at a “best-in-class” level within 90-days.

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About ValueCloud®
ValueCloud is a SaaS-based, SOC 2 certified, Enterprise Value Management platform helping companies such as DocuSign, Marketo, VMware, CrowdStrike and Caterpillar set baseline value metrics at the top of the funnel and during initial sales engagements, and continue to refine, measure, track and communicate customer value throughout the buyer and customer journey. ValueCloud® is the only self-service platform that supports end-to-end customer lifetime value management.

About DecisionLink
DecisionLink’s ValueCloud® is the first and leading solution for enterprise-class customer value management. The ValueCloud enhances the value of CRM systems by providing the missing link to elevating conversations and shifting relationships from tactical to strategic by providing value insights from initial sales call all the way through to contract renewals. The ValueCloud® turns customer value insights into strategic assets that can be leveraged across the enterprise, from CXO’s, to line of business leaders, to Product Managers, to Marketers, to sales & sales support teams, to value managers. DecisionLink is trusted by top enterprise businesses, including Adobe, Caterpillar, CrowdStrike, DocuSign, Marketo, VMWare and more.

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