Small Tech Company with Big Heart Wins United Way Spirit of Hope Award

Greenwood Village, Colorado, UNITED STATES

Greenwood Village, Colorado, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Crises reveal a great deal about people and organizations. While most turn inwardly out of the instinct for self-preservation and survival, some manage to look beyond at what really matters.

Tech innovator BryterCX has led advances in the customer journey management space over the last 15 years. Like most companies, it too was impacted by what was probably the most destabilizing year in recent history. From the global pandemic to the social justice movement, no one was left untouched.

In the nimble company’s newly released 2020 Impact Report, one can see how its crystal clear focus on values enabled it to make a difference in spite of the challenges. The theme at BryterCX in 2020 has been that of giving—to the community, planet, and each other. This all while successfully launching its AI-enabled flagship platform, IRIS.

BryterCX’s contribution to the local community earned it the 2021 Spirit of Hope Award from the Mile High United Way of Colorado. The years-long partnership has been a fruitful one and it continues to expand. In addition to serving at local events and giving resources, BryterCX will be helping in another way, putting its expertise in journey management to work helping the world’s largest privately funded non-profit better serve its customers.

Mike Torto, BryterCX CEO and Chairman of the Board, said, ”Our daily work is guided by values that we look for in each other and ourselves. We strive to Create with Purpose and Passion, Own with Accountability, Collaborate with Respect to Earn Trust, and to Deliver Excellence. We hope that each of these values can be found in our work for BryterCX as well as in how we live our lives.”

One does not have to look hard to see these values in action, and they are reflected in culture at BCX on a daily basis. Laptop donations valued at $36,000 to a local elementary school during the pandemic and the establishment of an annual 5K race to honor a beloved employee who passed are just two examples that speak to the heart of the company, attuned to the needs of its employees and community alike. Employees also actively raised funds to support social justice organizations and others, bringing total giving to $53,100.

In 2020, the company held over 47 internal events so employees felt cared for, engaged, and valued. These included small groups, lunch and learn events, book clubs, mindfulness challenges, wellness opportunities, happy hours, and virtual classes, expanding on ways to form connections. Given the permanent move to remote work, these initiatives have been especially important. The shift will eliminate the need for BCX employees to commute to an office location, saving an estimated 400 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. Not only that, but BCX has also eliminated the resources used to maintain an office building. “We continue to look for ways to streamline operations and reduce our ecological footprint to continue the fight for a sustainable future,” says Tim Dahltorp, COO/CFO.

Said Torto, “As CEO, it is an honor to watch and participate in the work we do and the impact we have on each other, our company, and the world. I am proud of the products we create and even more proud of the people who I get to work with and what amazing humans they are.”

Read more in the BryterCX 2020 Impact Report.


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