Serviceaide Brings Generative AI to ChangeGear with Luma 3.0 

Leading ITSM Platform Introduces Luma 3.0, a Generative AI-based Virtual Agent, to Enhance Managing Service Experiences that Increase Company Productivity and Lower Cost 

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Serviceaide, Inc., a global provider of modern IT and business service management solutions, today announced that ChangeGear Service Manager now includes Luma Virtual Agent 3.0, a breakthrough delivering a digital Tier One agent as an integral part of the ChangeGear experience. ChangeGear, an award winning ITSM solution, now uses Generative AI to take a giant next step in AI-powered service delivery, wait-time reduction, and cost efficiency.

With Luma Virtual Agent, ChangeGear Service Manager handles the two-way dialogue between users and staff to expedite and streamline user interactions and unburden back-office staff. ChangeGear’s use of Generative AI provides a massive information gain to an organization by safely and securely encompassing much of the knowledge accessible on the internet. The information available is orders of magnitude greater than any single organization possesses. Now ChangeGear better understands user requests and IT staff information needs and functions, serving up relevant information without searches, and can natively handle many of the front-line services that users request and performing back-office functions, relieving backend staff to work on higher valued tasks. Users gain access to faster high-quality service, while workload and costs are reduced for support staff.

Luma 3.0 includes a new graphical method to expose the more robust capabilities that Generative AI and Hyperautomation offer, eliminating much of the tedious setup and limitations last generation Virtual Agents imposed. By managing broad-based tasks instead of very specific commands or intents, and exposing massive information in Large Language Models, ChangeGear with Luma 3.0 results in a 3x or greater reduction in the effort to create and maintain an AI-based experience. ChangeGear with Luma 3.0 dramatically reduces the time and cost to deploy an AI-based service management solution, resulting in fast ROI and significant reduction in TCO. 

“The new combination of ChangeGear and Luma Virtual Agent 3.0 is a significant step forward in Serviceaide’s mission to realize the potential of AI to advance service productivity, ITSM process management, and cost-efficient, high-quality self-service,” said Wai Wong, CEO and co-founder of Serviceaide. “Our customers will realize significant gains in IT service value.”  

The award-winning ChangeGear platform is recognized as a leader in IT service management by analysts like Gartner (Mid-Market ITSM Magic Quadrant), Pink Elephant (Innovation of the Year), and GigaOm (2023 ITSM Radar Report). ChangeGear excels at automating workflows across service and support with expertise in change management and asset management. It is a no-code, out-of-the-box experience that is scalable and flexible. Known for its strength in change management and workflow flexibility, the ChangeGear Service Manager solution now includes an intelligent virtual agent in the complete solution. There is no time consuming integration, no costly service engagements or additional project scope to add a virtual agent to the ITSM solution. ChangeGear is popular in industries with heavy compliance regulations and companies seeking a scalable, enterprise ready ITSM solution.

Luma 3.0 is a significant breakthrough in Serviceaide’s 6+ year journey to tap into the power of AI technologies to advance IT and enterprise service management. It was designed to provide a seamless experience, combining, and securing a client’s closed and proprietary information with a tremendous boost from production-grade Large Language Models. 

ChangeGear Service Manager with Luma Virtual Agent will be able to: 

  • Deliver precise answers to questions never seen by an organization, reducing the need for manual curation of information and responses by subject matter experts.  
  • Create email responses that verify, clarify, and offer the best course of action to the sender to deflect more tickets and improve time to resolution. 
  • Troubleshoot issues, deflect tickets or provide greater context to optimize resolution workflow. 
  • Generate concise, accurate summaries of content and information for users, staff, and managers to accelerate time to knowledge. 
  • Improve findability of information, eliminating much of the effort to expose information to users and staff.

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