Curium Extends Irradiation Partnership With NRG I PALLAS in Netherlands for Continuous Supply of Lutetium-177 to Treat 1,000s of Cancer Patients Each Year

PARIS, May 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Curium, a world leader in nuclear medicine, today announced that it has signed a long-term agreement to extend its current partnership with NRG I PALLAS for new irradiation services in Petten, Netherlands to produce non-carrier added lutetium-177 (Lu-177).

The extension of the partnership will further strengthen Curium’s plan to benefit more than 100,000 critically ill patients worldwide over the next five years. The HFR reactor has been a pillar of the world’s patient access to molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) over the past 40+ years, and more recently for Lu-177. By accessing capacity at HFR for Lu-177, Curium will be able to reliably serve patient demand throughout most of the year at high capacity and importantly will address the growing need for Lu-177 products – already the most widely used therapy isotope for cancer patients.’

Ciril Faia, CEO SPECT Europe for Curium commented, “We are extremely pleased with the extension of our partnership with NRG to meet the growing demand for Lu-177 around the world. Today’s announcement complements Curium’s existing global irradiation partnerships and ongoing dialogues with reactors elsewhere in the world. Lu-177 already is a game changer for patients in NETs and prostate cancer – and could become life-saving for an additional 20 indications in the long-term based on products currently in (pre)clinical trials/ being developed.”

Bertholt Leeftink, CEO NRG I PALLAS added, “Curium and NRG I PALLAS have been irradiation partners to produce important medical isotopes since 1995. This announcement to extend our partnership ensures a continuous supply of Lu-177 for patients, and as well supports Curium’s Lu-177 patient therapy innovation pipeline for patients.”

Curium's Lu-177 production facility and NRG's HFR reactor are both located on the Energy & Health Campus in Petten. In support of its Lu-177 product platform to expand the delivery of this life-changing medical isotope, Curium has installed several Lu-177 production lines at its facilities in Petten, which started production in early 2024.

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NRG I PALLAS is a global leader in the research of new nuclear technologies. The High Flux Reactor (HFR) produces medical isotopes that doctors use to diagnose and treat life-threatening diseases. Every day, more than 30,000 patients depend on medical isotopes from Petten. As a replacement for the HFR, the PALLAS-reactor will play a crucial role in the supply chain for radiopharmaceuticals worldwide.

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Signing of the contract by Frank de Lange - Managing Director Curium Netherlands, and Berholt Leeftink - CEO NRG.

Signing of the contract by Frank de Lange - Managing Director Curium Netherlands, and Bertholt Leeftink - CEO NRG.

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