COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwire - July 15, 2008) - In an effort to meet compliance and legal recording requirements and enhance the quality of their customer service, financial institutions are turning to CallCopy, Inc. for reliable call recording and quality management solutions. CallCopy cc: Discover is a suite of call center applications that combines call recording technology with quality management tools, speech analytics and customer surveys. The suite gives organizations a better understanding of their customers' needs while providing the tools and capabilities to help protect their business.

CallCopy announced today that it has added two new credit unions to its growing base of financial industry customers. Evangelical Christian Credit Union (ECCU), based in Brea, Calif., and PrimeWay Federal Credit Union, with headquarters in Houston, have recently deployed several of CallCopy's solutions within their contact centers. CallCopy's solutions help the credit unions to meet the legal and compliance requirements and support their quality management and agent training initiatives.

ECCU needed a call recording solution that could enhance and protect their existing infrastructure investment. Since deploying CallCopy cc: Voice and cc: Screen solutions, ECCU has established a higher standard for the services it delivers to its members and has engaged in a robust quality management program that allows them to deliver one-on-one coaching to agents and continually refine their training programs.

"CallCopy uses the tag line, 'Your Partner in Quality,' and based on my experience, I would affirm that they live up to that expectation," said Tom Mauer, member service manager for ECCU. "I have managed call centers for over twenty years, and almost every contact with CallCopy has reinforced the impression that they want to provide a solution that will work for us. I found them more attentive and consultative in their approach than other vendors I have worked with."

Mauer added, "As we became more familiar with CallCopy we were impressed with their understanding of the needs of call centers and the needs of the managers responsible for running them. Whether we were talking to the sales area, service support or the installation team, we found every person we dealt with to be knowledgeable, professional and responsive to our questions and needs. Because of their customer service and the built-in scalability of their solutions, we expect CallCopy to be our solution provider for many years to come."

PrimeWay needed a cost-effective solution that was dependable in terms of compliance and could record calls for legal issues and quality assurance. CallCopy solutions are aiding PrimeWay in two departments; first in the call center for agent training and quality management; and second in the collections department for call logging and to help PrimeWay satisfy compliance requirements.

"Everything about working with CallCopy has been easy," said Noble Stolhand, call center manager for PrimeWay Federal Credit Union. "From the beginning, CallCopy's tech people were able to identify what we needed and worked with our IT team to ultimately deliver a plug-and-play solution. CallCopy literally came to our office, plugged in a configured third-party server and turned it on. Since the install in April, we have had no maintenance issues. Based upon our size and needs, CallCopy was the ideal choice."

"We enjoy helping businesses reach their full potential, and we are excited about our growth within the financial sector," said Ray Bohac, president and chief executive officer of CallCopy. "As both PrimeWay and ECCU indicated, the ease of set-up and flexibility of our solutions helps to sell our software, while it is our unyielding focus on our customers' needs combined with the performance of our tools that help differentiate us from the pack and are helping to create loyal customers."

About CallCopy

CallCopy, Inc. is one of the industry's fastest growing call recording and quality monitoring software companies. CallCopy's mission is to deliver the highest levels of quality to its customers, so they can deliver the highest levels of quality to their customers. With the release of the cc: Discover software suite, CallCopy has combined call recording and quality management with customer surveys and speech analytics. The cc: Discover platform offers a more flexible Application Programming Interface, extending the value of the platform to third-party workforce management, IVR, HR, and CRM software. By enhancing the exchange of data between the different systems used across the enterprise, CallCopy helps bring the 360-degree view of your performance into a 3-D perspective. For more information, visit

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