SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 1, 2011) - BrightRoll, the leading provider of digital video advertising services, today introduced Shopper Connect, a purchaser-based marketing and measurement product that connects digital video ad exposure with offline purchase behavior. This new service enables marketers to reach specific audiences at scale with digital video, while maximizing a campaign's return on investment, and is powered by Nielsen Catalina Solutions, the leading provider of single-source analytics that measure and improve advertising performance for consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketers and media companies.

Nielsen Catalina Solutions, a joint venture of Nielsen and Catalina, integrates Nielsen Homescan panel data and purchase information from Catalina's data warehouse, with BrightRoll's audience. The data accesses 60 million shopper households representing a nationwide cross-section of participating retailers and is matched with BrightRoll's audience using a secure third-party agent, and then anonymized and aggregated for analysis. This enables brands to understand how well online video campaigns are driving actual consumer buying behavior while respecting the privacy of individuals so that no personally identifiable information is ever stored or sold.

These analyses enable BrightRoll to give campaign managers insight into the effect certain video ads have on key sales factors such as purchase frequency, volume and dollar amount; penetration among new and repeat customers; and impact by audience segment. This "closed-loop solution" helps advertisers reach the desired audience to reduce campaign waste and increase campaign return on investment (ROI).

"By combining Nielsen Catalina Solutions' industry-leading data and analytics with BrightRoll's reach to 80 million monthly unique viewers, we empower CPG advertisers to connect with highly qualified audiences at scale, for maximum effectiveness," explains BrightRoll CEO and co-founder Tod Sacerdoti. "In doing so, we're taking a major step towards definitively linking online video advertising to one of the single most important advertising metrics: offline sales."

"BrightRoll Shopper Connect gives advertisers the ability to communicate with the right audience at the right time, with the right message," said Nielsen Catalina Solutions CEO Mike Nazzaro. "We've long considered digital video advertising a powerful medium, with its compelling mixture of sight, sound and motion. We're excited to work with BrightRoll to deliver this pioneering product."

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