COLUMBIA, SC--(Marketwired - Oct 8, 2013) -  BillBLAST, a new eBilling platform designed specifically for law firms, is being rapidly embraced in the legal technology marketplace. The product successfully completed an extensive beta phase prior to its official launch in August and is specifically commended by users for its intuitive design and unique receivables management features and reports. Law firms nationwide are wasting no time seeking out the more advanced reporting and sophisticated features that BillBLAST makes available, enabling them to increase efficiency and serve clients with a higher level of productivity.

While eBilling options for corporate legal departments have been plentiful, those offering law firms the same efficiency and transparency have been extremely limited. Client mandates to reduce costs and utilize myriad eBilling systems have resulted in tremendous pressure on law firms, and existing solutions have not adequately alleviated the challenges of complying with clients' requirements. "There is no question that the overwhelming response to BillBLAST is due to a hunger among law firms for a better solution to their eBilling challenges," states Leah Beckham, founder and CEO. "It is a problem that firms have struggled with for years, and they are clearly excited to finally find a solution."

The results achieved by early adopters are already proving the value of BillBLAST. "We were excited to be given the opportunity to be one of the very early users of BillBLAST, and this opportunity has worked out well for my firm," says Will Lee, executive director at Goodman McGuffey Lindsey & Johnson, LLP. "We've found BillBLAST to be a very cost-effective and user-friendly product that has helped my firm streamline our overall billing and collection process."

BillBLAST's cloud-based eBilling platform works in conjunction with existing billing systems and client eBilling solutions. The system is designed to be intuitive for all users within a law firm and provides comprehensive management of the eBilling process to reduce submission errors and increase payment velocity. BillBLAST also provides a unique level of reporting on eBilling data, including customizable dashboards for firm executives to quickly gauge accounts receivable performance and for attorneys to view and manage client billing activity.

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BillBLAST empowers law firms to increase productivity and profitability through streamlined eBilling submission and improved compliance with client invoicing requirements. The SaaS solution offers advanced, customizable reporting and is designed to be highly intuitive for all users, regardless of technical skill. BillBLAST adheres to the strictest security protocols, allowing customers to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without compromising sensitive legal data. To learn more visit

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