BRIDGEWATER, NJ--(Marketwired - Sep 20, 2016) - TalentFirst, leading provider of innovative workforce tools that allow organizations to create impact rather than manage performance, today announced the launch of the TalentFirst® platform. This cloud-based, mobile-first suite of solutions enables employers to provide employees with consistent, timely and honest feedback that translates into high-impact performance.

"The traditional performance management process is decades old and broken, no longer able to address the needs of today's mobile, social and on-demand workforce," said Rishav Gupta, CEO of TalentFirst. "To be effective, companies need to replace the annual review process with daily, digital interactions that flow seamlessly into the work day. We are pleased to deliver a modern, fully mobile platform that delivers on this need, facilitating how managers provide real-time coaching, feedback and recognition to improve workforce engagement and productivity at any time and anywhere."

TalentFirst helps managers invest in developing their people, resulting in teams of self-motivated employees who understand their roles and organizational objectives and are motivated to perform at their best. The solution also enables organizations to improve workforce engagement and productivity by supporting regular interactions and recognition between bosses, colleagues and employees. Through its all-inclusive, mobile-first and user-friendly platform available in 18 languages, TalentFirst changes the way organizations manage their workforce through:

  • Regular, ongoing coaching: Continuous coaching is key to employee growth and development; however, managers don't always have the necessary time to interface with their employees. TalentFirst provides a platform for the two parties to work together to set and adapt goals throughout the year, building stronger associations between day-to-day work and overall organizational achievement, while keeping employees engaged with personal goal setting and tracking tools.
  • Engaging employees often and meaningfully: The ability to give and receive real-time feedback, view progress, achieve rewards and have a forum for communication keeps employees interacting each day. TalentFirst facilitates this by enabling open communications among peers and allowing managers to recognize team or individual successes and broadcast important goal- or project-specific updates.
  • Enhanced training and collaboration: Peer-to-peer sharing and communication allow employers to exchange best practices and learn from one another. Meanwhile, managers can recognize achievements easily and in real-time. TalentFirst also makes performance reviews continuous, objective and easy, helping managers set agile goals that can be reviewed and modified as needed, ensuring employees receive the support to learn and perform at their best.

The TalentFirst platform is built upon the company's status as a leading talent management consulting firm for nearly 20 years, working with companies of all sizes to deliver highly valued solutions. The result is a comprehensive solution that can grow with companies based on their specific talent management needs and strategic engagement and development initiatives.

The TalentFirst team will demonstrate the platform during the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo, taking place October 4-7, 2016 at McCormick Place in Chicago. Conference attendees interested in learning how TalentFirst can help their organizations stop managing performance and start creating impact are encouraged to visit Booth No. 936.

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About TalentFirst

Founded in 1996, TalentFirst is committed to delivering solutions to transform how employers engage employees and achieve superior business results. Through its flagship TalentFirst® software solution, the company provides its clients with cloud-based, mobile-first tools to encourage continuous communication and coaching, enable real-time feedback and recognition, and keep managers, employees and teams actively connected and collaborating to impact performance. To date, TalentFirst has been adopted by more than 30,000 users around the world, helping Fortune 500 and mid-market companies engage their teams to create real business impact through their talent.

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