Kitewheel Launches Customer Journey Maturity Model

Ebook and self-assessment provide a roadmap to more proactive customer experiences via customer journey orchestration

BOSTON, Feb. 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kitewheel, provider of the leading Customer Journey Hub, today announced the launch of its Customer Journey Maturity Model, an industry-first framework for orchestrating customer journeys to achieve a more proactive customer experience (CX). The model outlines a set of best practices through four key phases of maturity informed by Kitewheel’s five years of experience working with brands and agencies. At each stage of maturity, the model defines customer journey processes, skills, technology and metrics to help a brand transition towards proactive CX.

As part of today’s announcement, Kitewheel also published a new ebook about the Customer Journey Maturity Model. The ebook outlines step-by-step instructions and case study examples to help organizations:

  1. Achieve real value from customer journeys at every stage of maturity, rather than waiting for returns following lengthy deployments
  2. Enable a proactive rather than reactive customer experience in an era when CX is a brand’s most important competitive differentiator

The model also includes a free self-assessment to help brands and marketers understand which of the four phases of maturity they fall into based on their existing customer journey programs.

“More than ever, customer journeys are critical to the overall success of brands due to the integral role they play in creating proactive customer experiences,” said Mark Smith, President of Kitewheel. “We believe our experience as a leader in the customer journey space positions us well to build a model that we hope will serve as a benchmark for the entire industry, enabling brands to increase the value of every customer interaction.”

To take Kitewheel’s Maturity Assessment and download the Maturity Model ebook, click here. To learn more about Kitewheel’s industry-leading customer journey orchestration hub, click here.

About Kitewheel

Kitewheel orchestrates intelligent customer journeys by unifying decisions across all touchpoints for brands and their agencies. Kitewheel’s innovative Customer Journey Hub unifies disparate systems, touchpoints and technologies to provide seamless customer experiences that drive real-time revenue as well as long-term loyalty.

Kitewheel serves its global partner and client base from offices in Boston, New York City and London. For more information, please visit and follow Kitewheel on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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