Totango Releases the Spark Platform for Customer Success with Goal-Oriented Executive Console 

New Data-Driven Solution to Get Faster Results

SAN FRANCISCO, April 09, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Totango, the leader in customer success solutions for the enterprise, today released Spark to provide customers with proven business results quickly. Spark, the next generation customer success platform, guides enterprises through the successful completion of each stage of the customer journey with relevant information, analytics and best practices to enable them to achieve their business goals faster.

Spark is designed for large enterprises to expedite the implementation and impact of Customer Success initiatives during the entire customer journey. Each unit of value, or SuccessBLOC, includes a set of processes, metrics, and communication templates to facilitate the attainment of that specific goal. Engaging at every stage of the journey with the right information, goals and metrics allows Customer Success Managers to target and execute activities that will have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

Spark takes in customer data from any system to show the most recent customer status and activity - all in one place. Organizations can be assured that they are making decisions based on the most relevant and timely data to ensure success. And, with Spark, organizations can not only get started - but also show results - in weeks, not months without an army of consultants to drive the implementation.

Totango is introducing Spark’s new Executive Console which features four key dashboards: Customer Health, Team Performance, Revenue Center, and Usage Monitor. Together, the dashboards give a comprehensive status of their customer portfolio allowing Customer Success Managers and Executives to make the necessary adjustments quickly to meet and exceed their goals. To help managers evaluate performance quickly, Team Performance now includes Work Focus which gives managers visibility into their team’s activities and ensures they are aligned with business goals.

Spark also includes the new Health Designer which enables users to define and calculate health scores at the most granular level available in the market. The flexibility to assign different health metrics and formulas for every business unit and product line gives the company the most accurate picture of overall health. If adjustments are required, users can preview changes to their health models and see the effects on accounts before implementing across the entire organization.

"Spark SuccessBLOCs gives us a different view of the same great Totango data but helps reinforce that we are focused on the right outcomes and that we’re driving what the business needs to execute a successful CS strategy," said Pat Horne, VP Client Success, Phreesia.

“Organizations who have implemented Customer Success initiatives need to show results quickly,” said Guy Nirpaz, Co-Founder and CEO, Totango. They cannot afford to wait months or years. The Spark Platform gives customers the ability to quickly determine what needs to be done to achieve their goals and accurately assess how they are doing against those goals. Spark gives them a clear path out-of-the-box to exceed goals at every stage of the customer journey quickly and successfully.”

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Totango is a leading enterprise customer success solution that enables companies to align around their customers to increase loyalty and customer lifetime value. Our solution connects all customer information so companies can proactively and intelligently engage with their customers to drive adoption, retention, expansion and referrals.


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