New Research Uncovers Hidden Opportunities in Extended Enterprise Learning

Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Extended Enterprise Learning Study found that more than half of organizations deliver learning to external, nonemployee groups. These include customers, channel partners, distributors, value-added resellers and franchisees.

Boca Raton, FL, Nov. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Companies increasingly recognize the value of delivering their learning assets outside the four walls of the organization. These audiences can include employees outside company headquarters or in remote locations as well as non-employees, such as customers, channel partners, distributors, value-added resellers and franchisees.

Extended enterprise learning takes up a relatively small chunk of the L&D budget (60% of companies say it accounts for less than 10%), but presents a great opportunity for organizations to build their brand, improve customer relationships and generate revenue. On the whole, organizations that deliver learning to the extended enterprise are satisfied with the results they get.

“Given the large amount of extended enterprise learning, it’s remarkable that 56% of companies say their extended enterprise learning efforts are either effective or highly effective,” said Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke. “This is notable because rarely in our research do more than half of organizations rate other, more internally facing learning efforts this effective.”

“Clearly, there is room for improvement but the fact that more companies say they are effective than those saying they are only somewhat effective is impressive,” said Brandon Hall Group Principal Learning Analyst David Wentworth.

Why is this aspect of learning and development more effective than others? Click here to view Brandon Hall Groups 2020 Extended Enterprise Study Research Data Highlights, which includes the current state of extended enterprise, as well as analysis, critical questions that organizations need to answer and Brandon Hall Group’s point of view on the research.

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