Global Internet of People, Inc. Announces Strategic Cooperation with Leaders of the Eurasian Cooperation and Integration Club

Beijing, CHINA

Beijing, China, March 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Internet of People, Inc. (“SDH” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SDH), an operator of a knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform via mobile application and through local centers in China, today announced that SDH has entered into strategic cooperation (“Cooperation”) with Leaders of the Eurasian Cooperation and Integration Club (“LECIC”), a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting business development along the Eurasian economic and trade corridor, which runs through the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), an international economic union and free trade zone comprising countries located in central and northern Asia and Eastern Europe.

Pursuant to the Cooperation, which was entered into on March 11, 2021, SDH and LECIC plan to collaborate on future projects (specifics of which are to be agreed to by the parties in separate agreements) designed to help Chinese companies gain access to the Eurasian market and companies from other Eurasian countries gain access to the domestic market in China, via SDH and LECIC’s platforms.

Mr. Haiping Hu, CEO and Chairman of SDH commented: “SDH has devoted to providing product promotion and business management consulting services to corporate clients via cooperation with domestic and international enterprises and institutions. This collaboration with LECIC further expands our consulting services provided to our corporate clients.”

Ms. Li Liu, executive director of LECIC, said: “We look forward to building our platform together with SDH, who will be invited to participate in our Eurasian integration cooperation and financial forums, as well as art festivals. We hope our cooperation will bear fruitful accomplishments.”  Ms. Liu was also appointed as a SDH mentor following the signing ceremony for the Cooperation.

About Leaders of the Eurasian Cooperation and Integration Club

LECIC is a non-governmental organization based in Europe and Asia. Inspired by the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (started in 1997 and has held 23 sessions), which focuses on key economic issues facing Russia, emerging new economies and the world in general, LECIC was established on December 27, 2019.  The members of LECIC include Eurasian Financial Banking Association, MARIS Intellectual Property Development Association, and Russia-China Strategic Cooperation Association, etc.  LECIC serves the interests of its members to help strengthen cooperation within business communities of Eurasian countries to drive growth of business and trade activities, and promote fair competition in the development of economics, science, sports and creativity.

About Global Internet of People, Inc.

Headquartered in Beijing and Shanghai, Global Internet of People, Inc. operates an online knowledge sharing and enterprise service platform, both online, via a mobile application “Shidonghui App” (the “APP”), and offline, through local offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou, as well as 51 local centers operated by some of the Company’s members in 35 cities throughout the PRC. The main services SDH offers to App users are (1) Questions and Answers Sessions and (2) streaming of audio and video courses and programs. The offline services SDH offers to its members are study tours and forums. For more information about the Company, please visit:

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