Festi hf.: Buyback program week 46

Kopavogi, ICELAND

In week 46 2023, Festi purchased in total 170,000 own shares for total amount of 30,872,500 ISK as follows:

Week Date Time Purchased shares Share price Purchase price
46 13.nov 13:14:48 70.000 182,5 12.775.000
46 14.nov 10:42:47 30.000 181,5 5.445.000
46 17.nov 13:02:35 70.000 180,75 12.652.500
      170.000   30.872.500

The execution of the buyback program is in accordance with the Act on Public Limited Companies No 2/1995, Article 5 of the Regulation of the European parliament and of the Council No. 596/2014, on market abuse, the Commissions Delegated Regulation No. 2016/1052 and the Act on Actions against Market Fraud No. 60/2021.

Before the purchase Festi held 2,846,966 own shares or 0.93% of issued shares. Festi has now bought in total 3,016,966 own shares for 558,633,425 ISK and holds today 3,016,966 own shares or 0.99% of issued shares. This announcement of purchase of own shares is in accordance with the buyback program announced 21 July 2023 to Nasdaq OMX Iceland. The program envisages the buyback of a total of 3,500,000 own shares or 1.15% of the issued shares, with the cap of 600 million ISK purchase price.

For further information contact Magnús Kr. Ingason, CFO of Festi hf. (mki@festi.is).