Acqueon and Selligent Partner to Integrate Customer and Marketing Data to Engage and Maximize Every Consumer Interaction

San Jose, California, UNITED STATES

DALLAS and SAN JOSE, Calif., March 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Acqueon Technologies Inc., a leader in proactive customer engagement management, and global B2C marketing automation company, Selligent Marketing Cloud (Selligent), today announced a formal partnership to arm enterprises with the ability to leverage customer journey analytics and preferences, spanning both customer support and digital marketing, to determine the next best actions for customer engagement. The goal is to empower sales and service agents with the real-time, contextual intelligence necessary to maximize the potential of every customer interaction.

“In businesses today, digital marketing and contact center teams operate in isolation, yet they both interact with customers and prospects every day – in different ways,” said Ashish Koul, CEO of Acqueon. “Through our partnership with Selligent, we are bridging this divide and enabling organizations to uncover intelligence and take action based on the context of an individual’s combined interactions with their business. This AI-driven customer engagement data leads to more engaging and profitable sales conversion and service satisfaction.”

The integrated solution combines data science, machine learning, AI, customer journey visualization and predictive analytics to enable organizations to reach the right person, with the right information, via the right channel, at the right time. The result is an optimized customer interaction, which results in better brand loyalty, increased revenues, and decreased costs for the enterprise.

“The functional silos that exist within organizations today limit customer experience to a series of very disjointed conversations across a consumer’s lifecycle,” said John Hernandez, CEO of Selligent. “Manually piecing together data across multiple sources – from marketing to sales to service – to get a full view of the customer relationship does not provide brands the informed yet real-time response rate that consumers today demand. The Acqueon-Selligent offering bridges this divide to drive elevated customer experiences for consumers and strategic business growth for our clients.”

This combined Acqueon-Selligent solution is comprised of Selligent Marketing Cloud, the ultimate experience platform that connects and provides visibility into inbound and outbound interactions across the entire customer journey, and Acqueon’s Customer Engagement Platform, which arms enterprises with omni-channel customer and operational analytics to determine next best action with customers, prospects and payers.

Benefits of the Joint Solution:

  • Deliver personalized messages at every stage of the customer lifecycle, turning interactions into meaningful conversations
  • Manage individual customer relationships – at scale – across all channels (email, mobile, web, social)
  • Engage in meaningful dialogue with customers through journey visualization and analytics
  • Drive context across all interactions with a brand with a 360-degree view of the customer for contact center agents, supervisors and marketers

Through this partnership, Selligent and Acqueon deliver a differentiated solution that will foster emotional connections between consumers and enterprises.

About Acqueon
Acqueon, a conversational AI company, delivers one of the most comprehensive customer experience product suite that supports more than 5 billion interactions annually worldwide. With their proprietary conversational AI technology, they can seamlessly orchestrate, multi-channel conversational interactions throughout the customer’s journey delivering predictable results both on-premise or in the Cloud. Acqueon leverages predictive technology to personalize conversational engagement based on machine learning from interaction data and business goals, and determines the right person, the optimal time, and the right communications channel for meaningful customer experience. For more information, please visit us at

About Selligent Marketing Cloud
Selligent Marketing Cloud is a sophisticated B2C marketing platform that empowers ambitious relationship marketers to maximize every moment they engage with consumers. With native AI capabilities, a robust data layer, and a powerful omnichannel execution engine, Selligent Marketing Cloud enables marketers to easily target, trigger, and deliver highly personalized messaging across all critical channels.

More than 700 global brands in retail, travel, automotive, publishing, and financial services trust Selligent Marketing Cloud to help deliver their marketing programs. With 10 offices across the United States and Europe and more than 50 partners, Selligent serves over 30 countries with local, personalized service.

Learn more at and connect with the team at Twitter, LinkedIn, and our blog.


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